Welcome to Dottie’s Specialty Pharmacy. Please read this information about our services and keep it handy if you have questions. We at Dottie’s Pharmacy (our Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Customer Service Representatives) are here to serve you at any time, and we are just a phone call away. Dottie’s Pharmacy is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 843-501-9500 or 888-862-3166. We will explain what your medicines can do for you. We will help you take them the way your doctor prescribes.

Our drug store is for people who need special medicines for special medical conditions. We make up your drugs exactly the way your doctor wants it. We also help you understand your health-care benefits. This includes the amount you must pay us after your insurance company covers its share. Dottie’s Pharmacy will call you when your medicines are ready. We can deliver them to you. We will also handle your refills.

Our Mission

Dottie’s Pharmacy is a family-owned drug store that specializes in providing you with the best personalized care possible. We work with you, your doctor, and your health-care provider to get you your special medicines and answer any questions you have.

We will explain to you everything about your medicine and how to take it properly. Dottie’s Pharmacy makes sure that information about your treatment is always available. Our goal is to give you the care you deserve. We give you the best advice on how to become healthier.

Hours of operation

Dottie’s Pharmacy is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday with a Pharmacist available in the pharmacy at 325 Folly Road in Charleston, SC. We are closed on Sunday. You may email Dottie’s Pharmacy at But one of our Pharmacists is ready to help you by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have an emergency.



Dottie’s Pharmacy is closed on these holidays:

— New Year’s Day (January 1).
— Memorial Day (the last Monday in May).
— Independence Day (July 4).
— Labor Day (the first Monday in September).
— Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November).
— Christmas (December 25).

Emergency and disaster information

If there is a disaster or other emergency in your area and you cannot stay at home, please call us at 888-862-3166 and tell us where to deliver your medicine. It is important that you continue to take your medicine as your doctor says. So be sure to tell us where you are staying and when you get back home.
Specialty Services
Dottie’s Pharmacy works with your doctor, your health-care provider, and your insurance company to quickly give you your special medicine. We check with you regularly to make sure you are taking your medicine the right way. We also keep you and your doctor up-to-date about your insurance coverage.

We will explain to you everything you should know about your insurance. This includes how much your insurance will pay for your medicine, and how much you must pay. If Dottie’s Pharmacy is not a part of your insurance network, we can still serve you. We will explain this and the cost of your medicine in writing before we give it to you.

If your insurance does not pay for your medicine, you have the right to ask your health-plan provider for a review. This is called an “appeal.” Contact your health-plan provider for more information about what you can do if you disagree with your coverage.

If you do not have prescription drug coverage or if you cannot afford to pay for it, we will try to get financial help for you. Dottie’s Pharmacy works with several organizations to help pay for your medicine if you cannot afford it.


We will send your medicine to your home, your doctor’s office, or any other approved place. Or you can it pick up at our store at 325 Folly Road in Charleston, S.C. We also have other products such as needles, syringes, and cleaning pads. If we don’t have what you need, we will find it and get it for you.

If your medicine requires special handling or refrigeration, we will make sure it is packaged properly. If there is a problem, call us at Dottie’s Pharmacy without delay.

New prescriptions

Dottie’s Pharmacy works with your health-care providers when you need new medicine. Your doctor will fax us an order. You can call Dottie’s Pharmacy and ask us to contact your doctor about your prescription. Most orders require prior approval from your insurance company. We begin working on your new prescription when your doctor orders it. This usually takes about a week. Once your medicine is approved, and we confirm that you are available to receive your package, it will be sent within 24 hours.


Dottie’s Pharmacy will bill your insurance company for the cost of your medicine. But you might have to pay for some of the cost. This is called a “co-payment.” You are expected to make your co-payment when you order your medicine from us, or when we refill it for you.

We will tell you exactly how much your insurance company will pay. We will also tell you how much you pay us. Call us if you do not understand these costs and want more details on your claims-related information. If you disagree with your insurance company about how much you pay, we will help you solve the problem. We will provide you with the cash price (upon request) if you wish to not use your insurance or if you do not have insurance. The cost charged by Dottie’s Pharmacy for your medicine will be provided to you in writing.

If you owe us money for your medicine, it must be paid before we give you a refill. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.


Patient care programs

Dottie’s Pharmacy offers patient-care management programs for specific medical conditions. Proactive and clinically based, these programs provide therapy-specific care to improve your health. This includes regular evaluation of your wellbeing, ongoing health monitoring, and reviews of educational needs and management of medication use.

With better management, your quality of life improves. Staying out of the hospital and not having to purchase additional drugs saves you money.

But we need your help. Please take your medicine the way your doctor says is best. Be sure to arrive at the doctor’s office for your appointments. Make sure to get the lab work that your doctor orders for you. Dottie’s patient management program is limited in its effectiveness without patient/your participation. Patients in the patient management program must be willing to follow directions and take their medication as directed to stay in the program.

Our health-care management advice is free. Your participation is voluntary. If you do not want our health-care management services, call, and ask to be removed from the program.

Health information for common conditions

Dottie’s Pharmacy will attach manufacturer’s information to your prescription. We will also include treatment options and what the doctor thinks is your problem. You can read more about this at Or just ask us. We are happy to explain these things to you.


We will call you before your medication runs out to check on your progress and send you refills. Call us at 888-862-3166 during our normal office hours five days before you run out of your medicine. If you are planning on going on vacation let us know at least 5 days before you leave to ensure we order, process, and ship your medicine to you before your trip. If you would like to check on your prescription order status, if you have questions, and/or need help with medications feel free to give us a call.

Hard-to-find medicines/ Transfers

If we don’t have your medicine, we will work with you and another store to get what you need. If you want your prescription transferred, contact your doctor or your health-care coordinator and tell them. They will tell us where to transfer your prescription.

Your prescription plan might require that you use another specialty pharmacy that is in your plan’s network. If so, Dottie’s Pharmacy will send your prescription directly to that pharmacy, and someone there will contact you.

If you need your prescription transferred to another pharmacy or healthcare facility (for example: health related reasons or vacation) we will assist you, let us know where the prescription needs to go, and we will ensure it gets there.

Patient Advocacy

Pharmacist assistance

Dottie’s Pharmacy staff members understand your special medicines. We can answer your questions about what they are and how they work to help you. Call us at Dottie’s Pharmacy if you have questions about your treatment. Call 911 if it is an emergency.

A licensed pharmacist is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for anything relating to your medicine. We have an after-hours answering service. Leave a message and a pharmacist will call you back soon. Or stop by our store at 325 Folly Road during regular hours.

If you have any questions or worries about your medicine, delivery, or anything else, call us at 888-862-3166. We are here to help you.

Returned goods policy

It is against the law to re-sell or share prescription drugs and supplies that have been given to you. If something seems to be wrong with what you have gotten from Dottie’s Pharmacy, tell us about it. We will try to replace it at no charge.

Old drugs and other items

If your medicine or other items are opened after they arrive at your home, Dottie’s Pharmacy cannot reuse them. Also, please get rid of medicines that are out of date. The “use by” date is on the bottle or package. If you have questions about how to safely dispose of medicine and other similar items, call us at 888-862-3166. We will tell you how to do this safely.

Less expensive drugs

Dottie’s Pharmacy will give you a lower-cost medicine instead of a more expensive brand-name drug if your doctor says it is OK. The less-expensive drugs are called “generic.” Generic drugs may be given to you when you get new prescriptions and refills. We will explain this to you in person or over the phone.

Order Status and Delays

Call us if you have questions about when your drugs will be ready. If your medicine is not ready on time, we will call you and tell you why.

Drug recalls/ Unacceptable Medications

Sometimes drugs are taken back from you because they are defective. This is known as a “recall.” Dottie’s Pharmacy will contact you, your doctor and insurance company if there is an emergency recall. For less important recalls, Dottie’s Pharmacy will contact your doctor or health-plan manager. If you suspect that your medication has been tampered with or is not safe to take, please call Dottie’s Pharmacy and consult the Pharmacist. If deemed unsafe the pharmacist will instruct you on what to do with your medication and how to dispose of it.

Regulatory changes

If state or federal rules change about our services, Dottie’s Pharmacy will contact you and explain.

Emergency phone numbers

Dottie’s Pharmacy: 843-501-9500 or 888-862-3166
Poison control: 800-222-1222

If you are unable to contact Dottie’s Pharmacy for an emergency, press 911 on your phone and ask for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a specialty pharmacy?

A specialty pharmacy is a drug store that sells certain medicines in shots, pills, and liquids. These medicines are specially made for you. They are usually more expensive, carefully handled and stored safely. They are not usually available at regular drug stores. Sometimes these medicines have side effects that must be watched closely. We will help you and your doctor do that.

Should I take all of my medicines?

Always do what your doctor says about your medicine, the amount you should take and for how long. This is very important. Some medicines make you feel different than normal or are hard to take. Call us if this is a problem. Also call us if you have questions about how much medicine you are supposed to take. Or you can check with your doctor or health-care provider.

How do I get a refill?

We will call you when it is time to refill your medicine. It will be sent to your home at least a week before your run out. If you are planning a vacation and need your medicine sooner, please call and let us know and we can work with you and your insurance company to get you your medicines. If you have run out of your medicines, we are able to get them to you as soon as two days (1 day to order it and 1 day to ship it). If that is not sufficient, we will do what we can to get you what you need including transferring your prescription to a pharmacy closer to you if that is what you need. During this call, we ask you if you are taking the medicine the way your doctor wants you to take it. We will also ask you how you feel after taking your medicine. If you are having a hard time, we can help. We are also able to help you with your insurance benefits to get you medicine.

How long does it take to get my medicine?

Medicines are sent to you within two days after your doctor tells us what you need. Dottie’s Pharmacy also has other things you might need when taking your medicine. These include needles, syringes, and alcohol swabs.

Why Does my Medicine Look Different?

Sometimes your insurance company may change the medicines they cover for your health condition. Dottie’s Pharmacy will try and find the same medication from a different manufacturer or an alternative medication (approved by your doctor) that your insurance company will cover so you can continue your treatment. When this happens, the Pharmacist will inform you of any changes in the way the medicine looks, how to take it and any questions you may have to ensure your treatment continues appropriately.


We can answer your questions at any time. Call 888-862-3166. It will not cost you anything. If no one answers, leave us a message and your phone number. We will call you back soon.

Rights and Responsibilities

If you are a Dottie’s Pharmacy consumer, you have certain rights and responsibilities.

Patient’s Rights:

• The right to know about the philosophy and characteristics of the patient management program;
• The right to have personal health information shared with the patient management program only in accordance with state and federal law;
• The right to identify the program’s staff members, including their job title, and to speak with a staff member’s supervisor if requested;
• The right to speak to a health professional;
• The right to receive information about the patient management program;
• The right to receive administrative information regarding changes in, or termination of, the patient management program;
• The right to decline participation, revoke consent, or disenroll at any point in time;
Patient’s Responsibilities:
• The responsibility to submit any forms that are necessary to participate in the program, to the extent required by law;
• The responsibility to give accurate clinical and contact information and to notify the patient management program of changes in this information; and
• The responsibility to notify their treating provider of their participation in the patient management program, if applicable.
Disclosure and confidentiality

One of our top priorities is protecting your privacy. We promise to keep private information provided by your doctor or health-care provider. We will provide services that your health-plan administrator approves. We will also give you helpful information about our services. Please read, sign, and return the Notice of Privacy Practices enclosed in this packet. We have included an envelope with our address on it so that you can send it to Dottie’s Pharmacy.

You have the right to:

— Receive information about your rights and responsibilities in writing before receiving our services.
— Choose your pharmacy service providers.
— Know how to contact us seven (7) days a week, and what to do if there is an emergency.
— Take part in developing and changing your health plan.
— Get information so you can take part in your care. This includes information on the proper use, handling and storage of your medicine.
— Assist in making decisions about your care.
— Receive verbal and written explanations of services, care and medicines provided by Dottie’s Pharmacy.
— Use other methods of communication methods if necessary. This includes information in languages other than English. It also includes help if you have a hard time reading, understanding, seeing, or hearing things for any reason.
— Be completely informed about what we can do for you, including changes and other costs. This includes charges not covered by Medicare or other payers.
— Be told in advance if you are expected to pay for anything.
— Be told about changes in costs in person and in writing within 30 workdays from the date Dottie’s Pharmacy becomes aware of changes in your services.
— Get timely care from Dottie’s Pharmacy no matter your race, sex, color, religion, sexual preference, physical limitation, age, or anything else required by law.
— Get help for you and respect for your property.
— Be treated with confidentiality.
— Refuse treatment at any time. You also have the right to be told what might happen to you if refuse our help.
— Know the people who work at Dottie’s Pharmacy are qualified to help you.
— Know that if Dottie’s Pharmacy cannot help you, we must tell you about another health-care provider who can help you.
— Be aware of any additional health needs at the end of your treatment.
— Voice complaints and suggest changes in our services without penalty.
— Have any complaint quickly investigated and to be told of the findings.
— Know that if you are not happy with our service, you may talk to Dottie’s Pharmacy managers and South Carolina’s Board of Pharmacy.
— Confidentiality of your personal and medical records. This does not apply when you transfer your care to another approved health facility.
— Name someone else to make decisions for you.
— Allow family members and friends to participate in your care.
— Discuss treatment options no matter the cost or benefit coverage.
— Privacy of your healthcare needs and information, as required by law.
— Look at and get copies of your medical records, as permitted by law.
— File for a hearing with South Carolina’s Department for Medicaid Services.
— Make suggestions about your rights and responsibilities.
— Not be restrained, secluded, or threatened for information you do not want to share.

Ways to Help Us

As a Dottie’s Pharmacy patient, you must:

— Give us correct and complete information about your medical history. This includes hospitalizations, medications, allergies, and other important health-related information.
— Have a safe home environment.
— Tell Dottie’s Pharmacy immediately if your medicine is canceled.
— Follow your drug plan and keep your doctor while receiving Dottie’s Pharmacy services.
— Ask more about your care if you do not understand.
— Notify Dottie’s Pharmacy if you have any concerns not stated in this document.
— Notify your physician and pharmacist if you choose to end therapy.
— Be responsible for costs related to your care not covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or other payers.

Safety Information

Bad drug reactions

Call your doctor, your health-care provider or 911 if your medicine causes a rash, dizziness or makes you sick. Tell them what you have taken and how you feel.

How to get rid of medical waste

Medical waste includes syringes, lancets, and needles. Take special care to dispose of them properly after you use them. This will protect you and others from injury. Put used needles and other sharp objects into the special box that is given to you upon request. This box is called a “sharps container.”

Put used needles, syringes, lancets, and other sharp objects into this container. If you do not have one, use a hard plastic or metal container with a screw-on top instead. But do not use a clear plastic or glass container. Do not fill the container all the way. Wrap tape around the top securely before disposal.

Tell your local garbage collector what it is and to carefully dispose of your container. Or ask your doctor if he or she can get the container from you. Or go online to for advice.

Needle safety advice

— Never replace the cap on needles.
— Throw away used needles immediately after use. Put them in a “sharps disposal container.”
— Plan for safe handling and disposal of needles before using them.
— Report all needle stick or sharps-related injuries quickly to your doctor.

If your medicine does require needles or sharp items, you do not need a special container. You should place other used items into a bag that you cannot see through. Put this bag inside a second bag. Then put all of it into the garbage.

How to wash your hands

— Wash your hands before and after you prepare your medicine.
— First wet your hands with warm water.
— Place a small amount of soap on your hands.
— Rub your hands together for at least 30 seconds. Be sure to clean your nails and between your fingers.
— Rinse soap off your hands in warm water.
— Dry your hands with a clean towel.
— Turn off your faucet with the towel around your hand.
— If you touch anything, sneeze or feel that your hands may no longer be clean, wash them again carefully.
— If warm and clean water is not available, use a hand cleanser that contains rubbing alcohol.

Handling hazardous drugs safely at home

• Disposable nitrile (not latex) gloves for handling hazardous drugs
• Disposable plastic medication cups or oral syringes
• Home hazardous drug spill kit if your drug is a liquid formulation
Handling hazardous drugs
• Wash your hands before and after handling hazardous drugs.
• Wear disposable nitrile gloves when handling any type of hazardous drugs (liquid, tablets, or capsules). Do not use torn or punctured gloves.
• Use disposable plastic medicine cups to transfer pill from medicine bottle.
• Discard any used gloves, medicine cups, and oral syringes in a plastic bag. Tie or seal the plastic bag and place in your household trash bag for disposal.
Storing hazardous drugs
• Your pharmacist will tell you if there are special storage instructions.
• Keep all drugs out of the reach of children and pets.
• Keep your drug separate from other family members’ medications.
• If the drug needs refrigeration, do not place it in or near the freezer, and do separate it from other foods (use a crisper bin or place the medication in a container).
• Keep drug in its original container. Do not put oral hazardous drugs in a pill box with other daily medications.
• Keep drug away from moisture (for example, do not store in the bathroom).
Taking your hazardous drug
• Your pharmacist will advise you of your administration schedule and routine.
• When at all possible, you should take your hazardous drug without the help of other family members or caregivers. Pregnant women should not assist you to handle hazardous drugs.
• It is important for you to follow the instructions for how to take the drug. Do not skip a dose without discussing it with your medical team.
• If you forget to take a dose, do not take double the dose next time. Contact your research nurse to discuss what to do if you miss a dose.
• Do not crush or break pills. If you are unable to swallow them, contact your health care provider.

Accidental hazardous drug spills
• If you are taking a liquid hazardous drug, you will need a home emergency spill kit.
• Clean small hazardous drug spills, less than a teaspoon, immediately. Wear two pairs of nitrile gloves and blot the spill dry with a gauze pad contained in your home spill kit. Clean the area three times with soap and water.
• For larger spills, follow the instructions on the spill kit. Clean the area three times and dispose of all materials used to clean and contain the spill in specially marked chemotherapy waste bags contained in the home spill kit. Seal the waste bag securely and return to the patient care unit for disposal.
• Immediately take off clothing soiled with hazardous drugs or soiled with body fluids (urine, feces, or drenching sweat). When handling bed linens or clothing soiled by hazardous drugs, do not touch the soiled area with your bare hands. Wear nitrile gloves and a gown (if available). Immediately place the linens or clothing in the washing machine. Wash items in hot water, separate from other laundry. If you are unable to wash these items immediately, place them in a sealed plastic bag until they can be washed.
Skin care for accidental splashes
• Hazardous drugs spilled on your skin may cause irritation. Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water, dry the area, and contact your doctor. Observe the skin for the next 7 days. If redness or skin irritation occurs, contact your doctor.
• If the drug splashes into your eye, flush the eye with tap water for at least 15 minutes and contact your doctor.
Disposing of body waste while you take hazardous drugs
• You may use the bathroom as usual. Wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet.
• Toilets should be double-flushed with the lid down each time they are used for 48 hours after receiving hazardous drugs.
• All caregivers must wear nitrile gloves when handling your sweat-soaked linens and clothing or your blood, urine, stool, or vomitus for 48 hours after you receive hazardous drugs.
• After using any devices for bodily waste, thoroughly wash your hands and the devices with soap and water.
• Diapers should be placed in “zip-lock” plastic bags for disposal, for 48 hours after receiving hazardous drugs.

Suspected Medication Issues/ Errors

To report any concerns and/or suspected medication issues which include (but are not limited to): counterfeit/ unacceptable medication, errors, adverse drug events, etc. please contact the Pharmacy to speak with a Pharmacist or Pharmacy Technician and we will assist you. If you feel Dottie’s Pharmacy has made an error regarding your prescription or the processing/ delivery of your prescription, please contact the Pharmacy. You may reach us at our location 325 Folly Road in Charleston, SC or you can call 843-501-9500 or 888-862-3166.


Additional Patient Support

If you are not able to pay for your medicine or food; if you are not able to get to your doctor’s appointments or if you don’t have a safe place to stay, please give our pharmacy a call. If you would like more resources related to your medicine or your medical condition, please give our pharmacy a call. If there is anything we may be able to help you with to make your quality of life better, please give our pharmacy a call. We can help by putting you in contact with the help you need.



Please tell us if you are not happy with our services. Our phone number is 888-862-3166. Or go to our website at and fill out an online patient complaint form. Or send us a written complaint through the regular mail.

Here is a copy of the form:

Patient Compliant Form

Your name:
Phone number:
Your house number and street name:
Zip Code:
E-mail address:


Summary of the situation:

Employee involved (if applicable):

Nature of problem:

Mail this form to:

Manager, Dottie’s Pharmacy
325 Folly Road Suite 101
Charleston, SC 29412
Or fax it to 843-414-7453

Satisfaction Survey

Use this page go to to tell us what you think of our service

1. Your name:
Phone number:
City and state:
Zip Code:
E-mail address:
2. Type of therapy you have been receiving:

Please circle your response to the following statements.

3. The written drug information provided by the pharmacy was:
Very good Good Average Below average


4. Initial admission, intake process and customer service provided were:
Very good Good Average Below average


5. The way we provided prompt and accurate answers:
Very good Good Average Below Average


6. The delivery service was:
Very good Good Average Below Average


7. Rate the service provided by our staff after business hours:
Very good Good Average Below Average Did not use


8. Your overall impression with services provided by Dottie’s Pharmacy is:
Very good Good Average Below Average


9. Do you feel that your health status has improved due to the medications provided to you from Dottie’s Pharmacy
Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree


10. How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or college?

Not at all likely Extremely Likely
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10