Reimbursement Assistance: Dottie’s Pharmacy will work with your physician and your prescription insurance company to help with the prior authorization process that is often required by many plans for coverage of specialty medications. This process may often take a few business days to complete. Our specialty pharmacy team will ensure that you and the prescriber are informed of each step of the process.
Appeals: If your prescription plan denies coverage for your medications, or if you disagree with the benefits or coverage of your medications, you may have the right to file an appeal with your health plan. Contact your health plan for more information.
Financial Assistance: If you do not have prescription drug coverage or if you can not afford your copay amount a specially trained member of our team will work with you to find assistance for paying for your medication. Dottie’s Pharmacy works directly with a number of foundations and manufacturer programs that provide financial assistance for all the medications dispensed by Dottie’s Specialty Pharmacy.

Delivery of your specialty medications

We coordinate delivery of your specialty medications to your home, your prescriber’s office or an approved alternate location. We also offer pickup at our retail pharmacy located at 325 Folly Road Charleston SC 29412. We will also include any necessary supplies, such as needles, syringes and alcohol swabs.
If your medications require special handling or refrigeration, they will be packaged and shipped accordingly. If you cannot be there to accept the package, we can arrange for it to be left at your home or an approved alternate location. If your medication is to remain cold and you receive your medication and feel that it is no longer at the manufacturer recommended temperature please contact Dottie’s Pharmacy specialty team member imminently upon opening of product.

How to fill a new prescription

Dottie’s Pharmacy will work with your prescriber when you need a new prescription medication. In many cases, your prescriber will fax a new medication order directly to Dottie’s Pharmacy. However, you may also call Dottie’s Pharmacy and request that we contact your prescriber to obtain a new specialty prescription. Most specialty pharmacy perceptions require a prior authorization from your insurance plan. We will begin working on your new prescription immediately; however this prior authorization process can take seven business days on average. Once your medication has been approved and we have confirmed that you are available to receive the shipment, your medication will shipped within 24 hours.

Drug claims and Payment Policy

Dottie’s Pharmacy will bill your insurance company for you. However, you may still have to pay a portion of the cost, which is called a copayment. You will be responsible for paying your copayment when you order your medication or refills. We will tell you the exact amount you need to pay Dottie’s Pharmacy.

Outstanding Balances

If for any reason you owe a balance, the balance will need to be paid prior to your next refill. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.